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If you are having trouble enrolling in the course you can call (352) 294-3874 or email us at

No, we are unable to give out student information to parents. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records. For more information please follow this link:

Please message your instructor through the online course using the mail function.

As soon as the Articulation Agreement is signed by your school district, students may submit an application online on our CWDE website:

Those applications will be processed and students will receive notification of their registration and their log-in process via e-mail. The academic calendar can be found here.

The cost for the CWDE courses (which include the materials) are outlined in Exhibit A of the Articulation Agreement and are $287.92 per course.

Training Manual Prices:
Water Treatment Plant Operations, Vol I, 7th Ed., 2017: $120.00
Water Treatment Plant Operations, Vol II, 7th Ed., 2020: $120.00
“Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations, Class C Online Training Course” 2020: $75.00

*Disclaimer: All course and material costs are absorbed by the districts

After passing the certification exam issued by the state of Florida through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and completing the necessary experience hours students may apply for entry-level positions (Level-C) in the Water and Wastewater industries throughout the state. Trainee positions may be available for those who have not met the experience requirement.

Individuals may apply in their local communities or in any other location in Florida which has openings for water and wastewater Level-C treatment operators.

Yes. Certifications are through Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the cost for the exam is $100. More information can be obtained at

Pay ranges vary by county. Florida’s average hourly wage in this industry is $23.42 (please see our Florida Water & Wastewater Industry Report for more information).

Courses will cover basic math as well as science. A working knowledge of both is preferred.

UF has an articulation agreement with Florida Gateway College which will award 3 college credits to all CWDE students who successfully complete EVS 133 and 3 college credits for students who complete EVS 333.

CWDE students do not receive college credit from UF (only from FGC). A UF certificate of completion will be mailed to each student who successfully completed either course.

Information about next school year will be provided at a later date, as it becomes available. For now, the focus is on 2020-2021 school year.

CAPE 2020-2021 course codes are FLDEP003 and FLDEP006, detailed information can be found here:

Career dual enrollment carries the same GPA weighting as academic dual enrollment and is considered an acceleration mechanism for schools. New legislation passed during this most recent legislative session addresses career dual enrollment can be found here